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Why is food photography becoming increasingly important? As we are more and more online, images are becoming increasingly important to attract attention. Look at Instagram and Pinterest, for example, these social media channels are becoming important and continue to grow. These are channels where everything is visual.


How do you stand out among so many users and so much content? With beautiful quality photos, of course. Quality and beautiful images are also becoming increasingly important on food blogs. By using beautiful and professional food photos on your accounts, more people will want to know something about your product or service and click through.


Below in my blog I give tips on how you can improve your food photos. Don't feel like taking pictures yourself? Then you can always contact me and then I can make the pictures for you.

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Foodfotograaf en foodblogger Fleur Vrakking | Fleurfoodie

Welcome to my website Fleur Foodie. On my website I share food photography tips and tasty recipes. All recipes are super easy and quick to make and I try to explain it so well and clearly.


I discovered my passion for food photography and blogging through the corona crisis. I worked in the hospitality industry and I had a lot of free time to spare at one time. Do you want to know more about me? Then click here .


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