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My camera gear

In this blog I will tell you something more about my camera gear. You can see what items I use and what I like. You don't have to have a fancy camera to take beautiful food photos. Ultimately, it is all about the knowledge that comes with it and how you apply it. To start with food photography, it is best to first use the camera of your mobile to see if it is for you. I first also used my parents' camera to practice with.


I have a crop camera myself. In the future I would like to upgrade to a full frame camera, but my camera works very well and I can take beautiful photos with it. Something more important than the camera are the lenses. The standard kit lens that comes with a camera is not really nice to photograph with. A must is the 50mm lens if you are a beginner. With this you can get a nice bokeh effect. That means that your subject is in focus and the background is blurred.


If you purchase something from camera gear. Always ask for advice from a camera shop first. Not every lens is suitable for every device. In the future I will make a blog post about the different cameras and camera lenses.